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Oh.  My.  Goodness.  Grilled lamb, tomato sauce, pita bread, melted butter and yogurt.  A famous dish found in Turkey and is a must try if you get the chance.


A fried pork dish.  Often the schnitzel doesn't need a side, but you can find it with fries or spätzle.  Originating from Austria, but my personal favourite is Jägerschnitzel in Germany, a version in a creamy mushroom sauce.

Pasta and Pizza

I know there's nothing "fancy" about the idea of pasta, or pizza, but let me tell you, Italian Food is the FRESHEST food I have every had.  Pasta is one thing, but pasta in Italy is like nothing else.

And for dessert, don't forget to order some gelato!

Irish Stew with Soda Bread

It's comfort food at it's best.  Follow it up with a Murphy's or Guinness.

English Breakfast

It's a huge plate of food, Eggs, ham, beans, fried tomatoes and black pudding are typical plate staples and you'll sometimes find toast, mushrooms, sausage and more.  Full Irish and Scottish breakfasts are similar in make up, though Scottish breakfasts often come with "haggis" instead of "black pudding".


A Hungarian staple, traditional goulash is a thick stew of meat and vegetables.  A big difference between Goulash and Irish Stew is that the Hungarians season their goulash with paprika.


A Spanish rice dish served as the main course, Paella is hearty and easily sharable as it's served from a large cast iron pan.  If the restaurant brings bread to your table be sure to ask if it is free - sometimes they bring the bread without asking but they add the price to your bill.


When most people think of Crepes they think of dessert, but crepes in France can be both dessert and main course.  Many restaurants also serve a gluten free version called "les galettes de blé noir" or buckwheat pancakes.


Full disclosure, this is one I haven't tried, but dang, it sounds tasty.  Containing eggplant and/or potatoes, this mince meat dish includes a good topping of bechemel sauce.  Like a Greek Shepherd's Pie.


Norweigan Lefse is a soft flat bread.  I love mine with butter and sugar, though some folks love it with cinnamon.  Some times it's made with potato and sometimes with flour.

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