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Paris, France

My name is Dorina and I am a travel addict.


It all started with a desire for adventure after University that found me living and working in Ireland.  When I returned to Canada all I wanted to do was get back out and explore.  I had learned so much about myself and had grown as a person and that feeling was exciting.

What really changed as well because of that trip was my relationship with my mom.  Growing up, our relationship wasn't always the best.  We argued and fought a fair bit when I was a teen (as teens and parents are known to do).  But when I moved to Ireland she took her first transatlantic trip to come visit and thus, the beginning of our relationship really shifting from parent/child to friends.  

As someone who likes to stay home and likes life to stay on routine, for my mom to leave her comfort zone to come travel with me means the world.  And each trip our relationship strengthens and our bond deepens.  I cherish the time we get to travel together while we're both still able.

Knowing how important these journeys have been for me, I'm passionate about helping other women find their own adventures that will be inspiring and connect them deeper to the world around them.

When not traveling I enjoy photography, attending festivals and concerts, singing and driving my cats crazy with a laser pointer.


Favourite Destination:

Outside of Ireland, I love Prague.  A cool Old Town, quirky vibe and a variety of things to see and do, Prague should be on every travelers bucket list.

Favourite girls' trip:

When I graduated from University my mom surprised me with a trip to California - Disneyland, Universal Studios, San Diego and Tijuana.  I think it was the first trip we took as just the two of us and has kicked off a series of adventures that have brought us closer together.


Favourite international food:

Two stick out in my memory.  The first is Iskender Kebab, a Turkish dish featuring lamb, butter, pita, tomato good.  The other - Rye bread baked in the ground for 24 hours in Iceland.  I've never had anything else like it!

Where I've traveled:

I've been to a number of countries including: Canada, US, Mexico, Jamaica, Iceland, Ireland, Northern Ireland, England, Scotland, Spain, France, Austria, Switzerland, Germany, Poland, Hungary, Turkey, Italy and the Czech Republic.

Where I want to go:

I have many places I want to go.  Some of the ones on my mind are Southeast Asia (Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam), Netherlands, Croatia, Greece, Romania, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Longyearbyen and New Orleans.  I also have a weird fascination with visiting Chernobyl.

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