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Looking for help planning your group?  Our services support what we call "Bonded Groups" and "Fused Groups".

Bonded Groups  

Bonded Groups are those groups who pre-exist.  Examples include schools, churches, community choirs, sports leagues or even book clubs.  Bonded Groups are folks who are already bonded in some sort of relationship who want to travel together, often for a shared purpose (like a choir tour, sports tournament or even a Wedding).

Fused Groups

Fused Groups come together when a trip host (that's possibly you!) works to market and promote a trip that brings people together and fuses them into a community due to a shared interest.  Usually this interest is a theme developed by the host in working with Dorina Brown Travel.  Examples include a pub going on a Guided Tour of breweries and distilleries of Ireland or a Wine Store hosting a trip to explore the Wine Regions of France and Italy.


Examples of Bonded Groups



Sports Teams

Dance Troupes

Religious Institutions 

Youth Groups


Knitting Circles

Book Club

Moms and Tots Groups

Coffee Meet Up Groups

Family Reunions


Examples of Hosts for Fused Groups

Business Owner


Expert in their Field

(i.e. photographer)

Alumni Association

Cultural Associations

Museums or Music Venues

Fused Group Ideas


Pub hosts a Guided Tour of Breweries and Distilleries of Ireland and Scotland

Photographer teaches DSLR Landscape Tips and Tricks in Iceland

Local Yoga Studio travels to India for a wellness retreat

Local nonprofit hosts a Volunteer Trip to help clean beaches of garbage and debris

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General Group Brochure

Bonded Group Brochure

Fused Group Brochure

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