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Topkapi Palace, Istanbul

  • I'd like to meet - where is your store?
    I am a home based business, meaning I don't have a brick and mortar type of store. I'm currently hosted by Liz Moore Destination Weddings, enabling me to maintain a home based business.
  • Do we have to meet in person to book my vacation?
    No! In fact I do most of my work via email and text. I am available to meet in person, over the phone, Facebook Messenger Chat, and even Skype if you need. I'm 100% flexible to meet your needs. I am not able to Face Time as I am a devoted Samsung fan (sorry Apple users).
  • What are your hours?
    I work a full time job Monday to Friday during regular business hours. Because of this, I am available most evenings and weekends for clients. If there are extended periods where my response time might be compromised, I will provide notification of that both on Facebook and the website (such as going on vacation).
  • What is your preferred method of contact?
    Whatever works best for you. Typically, emails get the fastest responses, so if you are contacting me initially, an email over a phone call might work better in your favour.
  • How long does it take to hear back from you if I send a message?
    My standard is to reply within 24 hours, though I sure do make every effort possible to reply sooner. If you've messaged me at any point and feel you should have heard back, be sure to check your junk/spam folders and if a Gmail user, your promotions or social tabs. Clients have informed me that sometimes my emails, even if we've already been emailing on an ongoing basis, have wound up in their non-inbox folders.
  • Where did you do your training?
    Being a Travel Professional means I am constantly learning. I've done training through my host agencies, but I also seek out and complete the trainings provided by suppliers - many of them offer training courses. I also attend in person training and events when I'm able. Examples (but not an exhaustive list) of supplier training I've done includes Disney, AmResorts, Uniworld, G Adventures, Princess Cruises, Marriott Hotels, Visit Orlando and Xcaret.
  • Do you only help women?
    My focus is on women for sure, but I'll work with men too. You could be arranging a trip for an important woman in your life. Maybe you want a trip that will help empower you. Or maybe you identify as female or woman and don't present as such. If you're a man and would like to work with me, by all means shoot me a message.
  • Why is there a Pride Flag with pronouns listed?
    It's to symbolize that what I offer is inclusive and accessible. If you click on the flag, it will take you to my Expression of Inclusion. I have been involved in a couple of Sexual Diversity trainings as well as heavily involved in a report on LGBTQ2S+ topics through my full time job. People who identify as trans, or who are non-binary in their gender identity or expression often have to fight for people to accept their identity, including people refusing to call them by their preferred name or outright refusing to use their chosen pronouns. By providing my own pronouns, in addition to my Expression of Inclusion, I feel I'm able to ensure that people who identify as LGBTQ2S+, no matter how they identify, know that I will be respectful of their identity. That said, I am an ally and don't identify as LGBT+ myself - so if you find wording on my website or materials that you feel could be better, please let me know! Dorina Brown Travel's Expression of Inclusion is all about being a business that is safe for all people.
  • What types of vacations do you specialize in?
    Currently my primary niche that I do is Destination Weddings with Liz Moore Destination Weddings. I enjoy helping women in planning, arranging and supporting travel that I hope, ultimately, is life changing in some way. I think travel is a super unique experience that helps us connect with ourselves, our travel partners and our world in a deep way that just sort of leaves a sparkle in one's heart and fills a gal will inspiration, empowerment and energy.
  • I have an idea that's a bit more custom.  Are you able to arrange that for us?
    Yes! If you're looking for a little more customization and a little less pre-packaged, we should definitely chat.
  • I'm looking for help with a group booking. Do you do that?
    For sure! No matter your group size, We'll work together to plan and arrange all of your trip needs. I do both "bonded" and "fused" groups. Bonded groups are pre-existing groups that wish to travel together for a purpose - schools, sports clubs, music groups, knitting circles, family reunions, destination weddings, etc. Fused groups are hosted by a leader and they promote and work to fuse a group together to unite under a common purpose. Fused groups are great for fundraising and business expansion. If you have a trip idea and are interested in finding out more about hosting a fused group, I'd love to hear from you. See the "Groups" tab for more information.
  • Is there anything you won't help me book.
    Basically, anything with a travel advisory by the Government of Canada that is listed as "Avoid non-essential travel" is likely not something I will be willing to book for you due to the high degree of risk for you involved. Due to covid, and an extended travel advisory, bookings these days depend more on what other country's border control measures currently are. If the advisory says "Avoid non-essential travel (with regional advisories)" I will not assist you with travel into the regions with a heightened travel advisory in place. To quote the Government of Canada, the decision to travel is your choice. However, if I feel you are choosing a location that will put you at great risk, I will respectfully decline to assist you. I also won't book excursions or tours that I think might hurt or harm the location you're traveling to. Whether it leaves a large negative footprint on the environment or economy or perhaps supports the abuse of animals - I want to ensure that your travel is authentic and sustainable.
  • Will you help me plan a vacation around a central theme?
    I for sure will! Are you Lutheran and want to do a Luther Country visit? Perhaps you're looking to visit the highlights of the Ottoman Empire? Maybe you want to visit a number of filming locations for your favourite show or movie? Sounds quirky and creative and that's right up my alley!
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