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Dorina Brown Travel is a travel agency under Liz Moore Destination Weddings.  When you call Dorina Brown Travel, you can expect a friendly, low pressure conversation.  This conversation will help me narrow down your wants and needs at match you with the perfect vacation.

I will ask a lot of questions - some of which you might not have thought of.  But all these questions are about helping find you the best options.

Samples of questions I have asked clients:
- Do you have any dietary needs
- Does anyone in your group have mobility concerns?
- Where have you been before, and what was the best part of that trip?  What could have been improved?

After our conversation, if you'd like to continue with me, I'll collect a consultation fee.  Fees vary depending on the type of journey I'll be supporting you on.   Once paid, I will start researching possibilities and present options.  

Once you're confident we move towards booking.


Destination Weddings
Liz Moore Destination Weddings provide complimentary services.
Individual, Family and General Groups
Consultation fees* can vary depending on what work is being done, time between consultation and travel date and complexity of your trip.  By the end of our consultation, once I have a good idea of what type of trip we'll be working on, I'll let you know the fee so you can make an informed decision.  It's a small percentage of your trip cost and with it you get:
  •  personalized service - before, during and after your trip
  •  a person to manage your bookings and hold your reservations
  •  a ton of research on your behalf
  •  a person with expertise
  •  a dedicated person to go to with all your travel questions (true story - I once had a client facebook message me to make sure she could take chicken wings on her flight.  I am here for you!)
  •  a dedicated person to go to with all your travel requests.  Want to plan something extra special?  I   can help!  Think of me like your Personal Travel Concierge!
  •  monitoring of world and weather events that might impact your trip
  •  the knowledge that if things go wrong while on your trip, and you don't know what to do, you have a   point person to help - We are your personal consumer advocate
For packaged vacations (all inclusives, cruises, river cruises and escorted tours), the service fee includes up to 3 initial options/quotes, plus 1 additional quote if you have something major you'd like to change (i.e. dates or want me to look into another company).  After this, any additional quotes due to major changes could incur an additional fee of $10 each.  Small changes, like quoting a different room type at one of the quoted hotels, are free.  Packaged vacations start at $30 per person.
For custom packages, I take into account the complexity of the trip, the level of research the trip will need and the number of people going.  
Why is this my policy?  Because I value your time and mine.  I've had requests in the past for quotes where after consultation and providing quotes I either don't hear back or folks asking for a lot of changes to the research, such as different dates, different resorts, different countries, after I've already put in hours of work.  After all that, sometimes they don't book or book on their own, and I don't get paid for my time.  That's a lot of time and energy when a client isn't serious and could be taking up time from clients who are serious about booking and waiting to hear back from me.  Charging a consultation fee up front ensures that I'm able to provide efficient and quality service to all clients.
In addition, there may be fees for services for which I don't have control over or for unexpected services.  For example, if you have to change your flight and there are fees charged by the airlines, I can't waive that fee.  Depending on the circumstances, I may also charge cancellation or change fees.
For Group Bookings, consultation fees work a little differently but are built into the total trip price you present to your group so there are no surprise costs.  This rate can vary depending on the type of booking, the size of the group and the complexity of the arrangements, but all of this will be confirmed prior to any contracts being signed.
*children 3 and under, people on AISH and people with disabilities requiring a companion may have fees waived on packaged vacations.  I may waive all or a portion of my consultation fees at my discretion.
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